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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Iron Angel and Other Tales of the Gypsy Sleuth by Edward D. Hoch

The Iron Angel and Other Tales of the Gypsy Sleuth
Quick Impressions by Richard Mann of

AUTHOR: Edward D. Hoch
PUBLISHER: Poisoned Pen Press 
ISBN: 978-1885941909 Hardcover 
ISBN: 978-1885941916 Trade Paperback 

I really enjoyed this book. Michael Vlado, the Gypsy detective, is really a Gypsy king (he becomes king partway through the series of stories in the book) of a small tribe of Rom in Romania. He raises horses on a small farm. He is also an unusually observant and wise man, who is often called upon by the police to help with cases involving Gypsies. The stories span many years and show the development of the cultures and politics of eastern European countries. He visits Moscow twice, and several other countries in the area.

The stories are fascinating for what you learn about the cultures of the area. They are also first-rate crime and detection stories. If you've ever read Hoch (he's had a story in EVERY issue of Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine for 30 or 40 years) and enjoyed the story, you'll want this book.


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